10 € Freebet Bonus for 3 bets from 10 € with odds from 1.5

  1. Welcome Freebet is available to all registered users.
  2. To receive the Welcome Freebet the player has to make a total of 3 bets of 10 € (10 $, 25 zł, 15 A$, 25 R$, 100 Mex$) each on the outcomes with odds of 1.5 or more. It is not mandatory for bets to be in a row.
  3. Welcome Freebet is available for single/combined bets, with event odds from 1.01 to 3.00.
  4. More information about bonus:
    • Bonus amount: 10.00 ($10, 25 zł, 15 A$, 25 R$, 100 Mex$)
    • Events: All events
    • Period of validity: 7 days since activation date.
    • Bonus quantity: 1.
    • Bonus type: OnlyWin
  5. The player cannot change the amount of freebet. The amount is fixed and determined automatically.
  6. Freebet bonus can be activated once. When a player replaces one Freebet bonus with another, the previous one will not be available for reactivation.
  7. In a coupon that was made with AllWin and OnlyWin bonus types, partial outcome win equates to losing a bet.
  8. If you have been found of dishonest bets and abuse of Freebet offer, Our Company reserves the right to cancel the payment of winnings at such coupons.
  9. The Freebet feature is optional, but not mandatory to provide.
  10. The Freebet feature is only available for "Sports" and "Live Betting" sections.
  11. A coupon that was made with Freebet bonus will not be accepted and placed if: at the time the coupon is confirmed, after re-trying to place a bet due to the changed odds, at least one event factor will change to less than 1.01 or more than 3.00.
  12. In order for Freebet to be activated again for this coupon, you need to change the coupon so that odds of all events are placed in a range between 1.01 and 3.00.
  13. Cashout and Autocashout are not available in the Freebet bonus bet.
  14. Our Company reserves the right to change or cancel the terms of the offer at any time.
  15. The general rules and conditions of Our Company are in force.