1. ComboBoost is available to all registered users.
  2. ComboBoost is available for combined and system bets, with 3 or more events, with a event odds of 1.3 or more:
    List of events
  3. The player cannot change the amount of additional winnings. The amount is determined automatically. 
  4. The main winning bet and the additional Comboost win is credited to the player on the account of one transaction, one overall win. 
  5. The player cannot undo the ComboBoost feature. 
  6. If an event in a coupon that was made with ComboBoost function is calculated at 1.00, after the coupon is calculated, the corresponding percentage of the net coupon win will be added to the main win (without taking into account the event calculated with a factor of 1.00). 
  7. If you find dishonest bets and abuse of ComboBoost offer, Our Company reserves the right to cancel the assignment of additional winnings.
  8. The ComboBoost feature is optional, but not mandatory to provide.
  9. The Comboboost feature is only available for "Sports" and "Live Betting" sections.
  10. ComboBoost will not be available if - At the time the coupon is confirmed, after re-trying to place a bet due to the changed odds, the event factor will change by a factor of less than 1.3.
  11. In order for ComboBoost to be activated again for this coupon (where the odds of all events are 1.3 or more), you need to remove one bet from the coupon and select it again. 
  12. Our Company reserves the right to change or cancel the terms of the offer at any time. 
  13. The general rules and conditions of Our Company are in force.