What is sport betting.

  1. You chose a sports event. For example, football match.

  2. You’re confident in your favorite/chosen team and make a bet for its win.

  3. If the team wins, you will receive your winning in accordance to the odds of the bet. In case of draw or winning of another team, your bet is lost.

It’s really simple to make your first bet with Power Sport.

  1. Log in at https://powersport.bet. The account is mutual between Power Casino and Power Sport. So you can simply log in with your Power Casino account.

  2. There are two types of events: in game, that are going right now, and pre-match, that will happen later.

  3. For your first bet, we recommend to start from football and a popular bet type 1x2. This is a bet for a winning of one team (1 or 2) or the draw (X).

  4. To make a bet, chose a match and the team you want to place a bet to. Teams are marked with icons and names, and the bet for the draw is between them.

  5. Note the odds, marked as 2.73, 3.08 and 3.13 on the screenshot above.

    • Odds are given to any outcome of the event.

    • If your bet wins, you will receive a winning of the amount of your bet, multiplied by the odd amount.

    • The higher the odd, the bigger is possible winning, but lower the chance to win.
      For example, if you make a 10 euro bet on a draw, you can win 30.8 euro.

  6. To make a bet, tap or click on preferable outcome: 1, X or 2. Enter the amount of the bet in the Stake field, and you will see the amount of possible winning in the Return field.

  7. Press the “Place Bet” button. After a brief delay, you will receive a notification of a successfully placed bet.

  8. Wait for the match to end, and you will know if your bet won.

Please, note:

Odds constantly change, and for in play event they change even faster. If odds changed during the bet placing, you will be required to accept the new odds change before you can place the bet.