Player must pass through verification procedure, in accordance with the KYC guidelines in case of Players account or Payment method verification is required. Detailed information about the procedure contained in the corresponding section of the FAQ.

Documents required:

  • Proof of identity: ID card, passport or driver's license. It should be valid for at least 1 month after the verification date.

  • Liveness check: requires camera to be enabled and simple actions performed.

  • Proof of address: utility bill, bank account / credit card statement, tax invoice, or any other government issued document or certificate. The document must be not older than 3 months, and must contain full name and full address of the applicant, including postal code. Screenshots are not accepted, but a bank-issued PDF-file with a bank statement can be used, as long as it contains full name and full address.

  • Payment method (if needed): photo of the front side of credit card, with visible:

  • First six and last four digits of the card number (1234 56** **** 1234)

  • Name and surname

Providing documents:

Proceed to the "Details" tab of the profile page, press "Go to verification" button and follow the instructions. Verification is automatic. We do not accept documents via email or support chat. Support and other team members do not provide verification services.

System/device requirements:

  • Mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop with a camera or web camera.
  • Latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser.
  • On iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) built-in Safari browser is required to successfully complete the verification.

We do not accept:

  • Screenshots, photos of the screen and electronic documents, excluding bank statements in PDF file format.
  • Damaged documents (broken, torn, etc.)
  • Graphically modified documents, including modification to cover sensitive information. Please, use a sticker, or a piece of paper to hide sensitive information.

Documents must be submitted within 30 days from the date of receipt of notification of the need for verification. In case of correct submission of documents and passing the procedure, verification takes several minutes. If instant verification is impossible, the casino undertakes to take all possible measures to carry out the verification procedure within 5 working days.